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Art in the Monregalese Langhe – cyclotourism

L'arte sulle Langhe monregalesi

Art on the Monregalese Langhe – cyclotourism 🚴‍♂️

A bike (or e-bike) tour accessible to everybody. This is an ideal itinerary for visiting the symbols of Mondovì and for savouring the landscapes of the Monregalese Langhe, embellished by the art that appears and disappears at every turn along via delle Cappelle. The itinerary passes through the chestnut groves of the Maritime Alps, then emerging in sight of the famous monumental Sanctuary of Vicoforte, before plunging into the uncontaminated nature of “Gherzegna”, with its orchards. The tour art in the Monregalese Langhe can be accomplished with little effort and it has been meticulously studied in order to allow tourists to explore this unique territory.

Difficulty: easy
Vehicle: bike or e-bike

Total length: 25 / 30 Km.
Difference in altitude: modest, 500 metres

Towns: San Michele, Vicoforte, Briaglia, Mondovì. Along the Napoleonic Route (via Napoleonica) (the yellow line on our map). In the lower valley.

Points of interest: guided tour of the “Cioccolocanda” (website and (reservation necessary) Magnificat (click here).

Departure:  it is possible to depart from Mondovì as well as from the square in front of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte. Itinerary accessible 8/9 months per year. You will transit on part of the “Sentiero Landandè“.

Recommended period: from March to November.

For further details and real time updates on the conditions of the route, please contact Mr. Giovanni Chiera, Cyclotourism Guide for Piedmont (65/19), at  +39.3386979992


Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale

Granda Bike Tour
Via Nazionale 2, 12080 San Michele Mondovì (CN)
Tel. +39.3386979992


Since 2015, the uplifting experience for the visitors to the Sanctuary is not only spiritual and artistic but also visual, thanks to Magnificat, the experience proposed by Kalatà, an association that works on touristic promotion and cultural events. “Magnificat” is a real and tangible experience inside the Sanctuary that leads the visitor to discover the most suggestive and fascinating sites, climbing up through the dome and emerging onto the first viewing balcony at the base of the fresco. From up there, you just have to raise your eyes to lose yourself completely in the paintings. And lower them to embrace at a single, all-encompassing glance the magnificence of the church. The climb continues, up to the minor dome at a height of 75 metres, an itinerary that allows you to see parts of the Sanctuary’s history first-hand and to understand the work necessary for the preservation of this fragile jewel. The tour ends with a view from the external part of the dome, from where you can admire the Alpine Arc and the foothills that surround this place of beauty and peace. 

Translated by Liceo Linguistico di Mondovì –
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