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Food and Wine in the Monregalese… where food means tradition!

A journey through the Monregalese is not just a feast for the eyes and ears but one which enhances your sense of smell and taste. Experiencing Italian gastronomy unfolds in many places:  in a tavern or restaurant, a bakery, a wine cellar or at the outdoor food market stall…. tasting a piece of alpine cheese, sipping a young wine, biting into freshly harvested fruit and vegetables or savoring some of the locally cured meats.

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Food and Wine in the Monregalese– What’s on the Menu

Practically every district in the Monregalese has something of its own to contribute to this area’s impressive variety of culinary delicacies: the internationally-known dish of mixed boiled meats, Bollito, from Carrù, the Capons (the first  Slow Food “Presidia”) from Morozzo, the Coj margaritese (cabbage from Margarita), the bittersweet Rakikò digestive drink from the Monregalese, the corn flour cookies, ‘Biscotti di Meliga’, from Pamparato, Dolcetto wine from Dogliani, the apply variety ‘Mela della Garzegna’ from Carassone in Mondovì, strawberries from Peveragno and so much more, which you can read about on the following pages.

However, to truly appreciate excellent food and wine you need to understand where it comes from and how it is made… to learn the particularities of the craft and centuries-old traditions and techniques of local farming which are passed down from generation to generation. While you’re visiting, why not book a tour? There are many local businesses and farms that are ready to help visitors discover up close and in person just how their products are made and what makes them unique to this area. “Intrecci”, for example, is a network of outstanding local Monregalese producers that offer not only guided tours, but special tastings! (Click here to take a look at Intrecci’s Facebook page.)


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