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Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail

Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail 🏃‍♂️

Curvy and windy slopes suddenly give way to steep, deep abysses. Baren and dry lunar landscapes are followed by lush, green forests. Mountain streams play hide and seek, running underground and then unexpectedly gushing up into daylight. This is how the beauty of the Ligurian Alps presents itself, culminating in the karst massifs of the Marguareis and Mongioie. The Giro del Marguareis hiking route, which stretches across the Tanaro, Pesio and Ellero valleys and officially developed in 2006, leads through angles of unspoiled beauty.

giro del marguareis
Photo by Fabio Vivalda

The circular route consists of five stages over 56 km with an ascent of 3,600 meters. The hike is worth your while not only for the varied wild landscapes, but also for the warm hospitality of the five accommodations where hikers and tourists can relax and enjoy some homemade cooking according to local tradition: Mountain Huts Pian delle Gorre, Garelli, Mondovì and Mongioie and – at 2.079 meters – Don Barbera Mountain Hut. You can walk the entire route or just select a few sections. On the way, you can enjoy diverse mountains peaks over 2,600 meters from which you can see the Mediterranean Sea.

The Giro del Marguareis: the 5-day tour

The start is at the Pian delle Gorre plateau (at the mountain hut of the same name). The finish is at the summit of the Marguareis, passing the four mountain huts: Garelli, Mondovì, Mongioie and Don Barbera.

Elevation gain: 3,600 m
Total length: 56 km

1) Pian delle Gorre – Garelli Mountain Hut. You can reach Pian delle Gorre by car from Chiusa Pesio.  From here, you can go by foot to Gias della Madonna and Garelli Mountain Huts.

2) Garelli Mountain Hut – Mondovì Mountain Hut. From the Garelli Mountain Hut, you go over the Porta Sestrera pass (2,225 m) and down to the Mondovì Mountain Hut (1,761 m).

3) Mondovì Mountain Hut – Mongioie Mountain Hut. From the Mondovì Mountain Hut, you hike over the Saline pass (2,174 m) and down to the Mongioie Mountain Hut (1,555 m).

4) Mongioie Mountain Hut – Don Barbera Mountain Hut, at 2,079 m

5) Don Barbera Mountain Hut – Pian delle Gorre. Here, you can take a nice detour to the summit of Marguareis and then follow the circular route back to Pian delle Gorre.

Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale

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Mountain Huts:

Pian delle Gorre Mountain Hut
Località Certosa, 12013 Chiusa di Pesio CN
Tel: 0171 738077

Garelli Mountain Hut
Tel: 0171 738078

Mondovì Mountain Hut
Owner: CAI Mondovì – tel.0174 65555
Operator: Mariolino Canavese
Tel: 335 54 75 807 or 0174 569329
Facebook link

Don Barbera Mountain Refuge – Tel: 0174 086 157 or 333 911 7975 (Matteo)

Guest House (Foresteria) in Carnino – Tel: 0174 086 108 or 333 1324460 (Milena)

Explanations and updates regarding the condition of the hiking trails can be obtained from the Italian Alpine Association CAI Mondovì Section: Tel: 0174 46776 / CAI Headquarters: 340 0756975


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