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The “Balconata di Ormea” – Hiking Route

The “Balconata di Ormea” hiking route 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️

The route leads through abandoned hamlets as well as settlements that are inhabited all year long, past centuries-old chestnut trees, wayside shrines, alpine pastures and hidden lakes. The “Balconata di Ormea” is a 40 km long panoramic hiking trail that runs on the left side of the Tanaro between the districts of Eca and Viozene. It goes along old, dry stone walls and historical mule tracks, through a still unadulterated and wild mountain landscape. You hike at an altitude of between 850 m and 1,500 m. Easily managed vertical meters, individually plannable stages, good trail markings and two hospitable mountain huts along the way make the “Balconata” a suitable trek for all hikers, especially in spring and autumn.

Balconata di Ormea

On this trail you can enjoy the area in a slow way, step by step, observing the changes in the alpine nature and breathtakingly beautiful landscape as you go. This route includes both the view of the Mediterranean Sea from the Castello di Quarzina Mountain, as well as a view of some of the highest, often snow-covered peaks. After a nice hike, why not regain your strength at the Chionea mountain hut (Ormea) or at the Locanda d’Upega (Briga Alta), where you can savor the delicious local cuisine.

The “Balconata di Ormea” – the tour

Difficulty level: E (medium), for hikers

Course: Ormea– starting points in the district of Eca (854 m), Villaro (1,038 m) Valdarmella (1,030 m), Chionea (1,104 m), Aimoni (1,036 m), Quarzina (1,326 m) / variant: Chionea – Chioraia – La Colma (1,500 m) – Quarzina/, Viozene (1,245 m).

Altitude difference: + 1,670 / -1,281 m

Recommended seasons: spring and autumn

Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale

Balconata di Ormea on – Tel. 0174 392157

Balconata di Ormea on

Mountain huts

Chionea mountain hut

Tel. 328 213 1183

Mongioie mountain hut

Tel. 0174 39 01 96
Gestore: guida alpina Silvano Odasso – tel. 335 57 45 001

Locanda d’Upega

Tel. 0174 390 401


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