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“Roà Marenca”: the old way from the valleys to the sea

The road that connects the Monregalese valleys to the sea is more than 100 km in length with an altitude gain of 5,000 meters.

Many paths and ancient roads, handed down from generation to generation, were already used by people in the Neolithic. Then came trade and smugglers, but also soldiers and entire armies (like the Napoleon army, who ventured into our valleys during the first Italian campaign). They all moved along the “Roà Marenca”, the ancient Roman road that crosses through the district of Montaldo (from which it took its name).

This important artery runs through extremely varied landscapes with impressive views, from the Ligurian Alps to the Riviera. For hikers, it’s an extraordinary journey discovering countless historical and artistic testimonies that have accumulated over the centuries. There are old chapels and remains from the Neolithic as well as traces from Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Napoleonic era… all embedded in the green, lush nature of the Monregalese valleys. The focal point of the “Roà Marenca” project is the municipality of Montaldo, but it also connects many other Piedmontese and Ligurian villages. On the Piedmontese side, you have Ormea, Garessio, Frabosa Soprana, Roburent, Pamparato, Alto and Caprauna. In Liguria you have Bardineto, Calizzano, Boissano, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, Giustenice, Toirano and Erli.

The “Roà Marenca” can be traveled by foot, e-Bike and mountain bike or, if you prefer, why not on horseback! The itineraries are available for free online, but it is also possible to contact the local tourist offices in the area.

The journey begins at the archaeological site of the Castello di Montaldo, a pre-Christian settlement in the Ligurian mountains. It then continues through Ormea, Caprauna, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena and Bardineto arriving in Loano.

Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale
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