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Mondovì, Up and Down with the “Fune”

The journey between lower and upper Mondovì

The funicular, or “fune” for short, which connects the lower part of Mondovì, Breo, with the upper part of Mondovì, Piazza, has always held a place in the hearts of the Mondovì residents. However, for a long time the locals had to forego the emotion of a ride in the funicular’s small carriages. The “old” funicular made its last ride in December 1975. Luckily, the new facility was inaugurated in 2006, after more than 30 years of inactivity.

Those times when you hopped onto the “Fune” to go to school or work are remembered by everyone. Mondovi’s funicular has also gone down in the history of transportation as one of the most original and environmentally friendly means of transport. One of the first versions was actually moved by water power. In 1926 the “Fune” was made electric, which was particularly useful in very dry periods. Today, the funicular in Mondovì runs every day at 10-minute intervals. In just 2 minutes it transports visitors to the upper or lower part of town and offers them quite a panoramic journey. The view over the city, as well as the view of the Jesuit College on arrival in the upper part of town (Piazza), are wonderful!

When you leave the valley (lower) station of the funicular, it’s worth taking a look at its beautiful façade. Then, in just a few steps, you are in lower Mondovi’s shopping district of Breo: Via Sant’Agostino, Santa Maria Maggiore, Piazza S. Pietro, Piazza Cesare Battisti and Via Beccaria. And last, but not least, is the romantic corner called “Borgheletto”. These streets and squares offer a beautiful backdrop for window shopping or a shopping tour in the most famous shops in town: clothing, wine, gastronomy and much more…


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