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The legend of Jumarre, in the cave in Bagnasco

The Baraccone cave in Bagnasco, according to an old legend, is said to be home to Jumarre, a mysterious
animal of the local folklore.

Who, among those who have admired in person the fascinating Loch Ness in Scotland, hasn’t kept his eyes
peeled in order to catch sight of “Nessie” emerging from the water? The “monster” has fascinated many
generations of visitors, but it has also entered the collective imagination around the world. A similar story is
also present in Bagnasco, in the Baraccone cave in which, according to an old legend, an ancient
mythological animal, Jumarre, lives.

Jumarre is a legendary creature, a mysterious animal presumably similar to a dragon, at least according to
Massimo Centini’s book “Grande libro dei misteri del Piemonte, risolti ed irrisolti“ (“The Great book of the
mysteries of Piedmont, solved and unsolved”). The Jumarre legend, according to other traditions, seems
more linked to a donkey-like animal. In any case, in that cave archaeological traces of an ancient animal
have been discovered, a wild hyena. The presence of these animals might have given rise, in the past, to
this curious legend.

Near Saluzzo, in the cloister of the famous Staffarda Abbey, a place renowned even among esoterism
enthusiasts, a huge animal bone with mysterious origins is preserved. According to the popular tradition,
we are talking about one of the remains of Jumarre.


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