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Balloons: Mondovì, the city that flies!


Balloons everywhere… because Mondovì is the city that flies!

Mondovì is the city that flies. Seeing giant hot-air balloons suspended in the sky above Mondovì is something residents here are used to. And, if you happen to be here on Epiphany Day, you’ll witness a truly wonderous (and peaceful) invasion. As you tilt your head up in the air, you’ll be able to observe the biggest annual balloon rally in Italy. In fact, it’s no coincidence that Mondovì is the “Italian capital” of hot-air ballooning! Naturally, you need an airfield, which, in this case, is called “Balloonporto”.

It is Italy’s first balloon airport and headquarters to the Aero Club of Mondovì. The first balloon in Italy was registered in Mondovì more than 40 years ago. And this is how the story began. Piloting that balloon was local resident, Giovanni “John” Aimo, an institution in the field: pilot, instructor and champion many times over. Balloons are a constant presence in the sky, like “mascots”, which have been adopted with open arms by the whole town.

Hot-air balloons are a must see… An Epiphany in the sky!

Champions, crews and enthusiasts from all over the world come to Mondovì for the International Epiphany Balloon Rally. Started in 1988, it’s Italy’s oldest hot-air balloon gathering. It’s a must-see for photographers, fans, or those simply looking for a unique experience!


Interviews and reporting, directly from the balloons’ baskets

  • Cosa vuol dire stare in mezzo alle nuvole? “What does it mean to float in the clouds?” Paolo and Monica, of Slowfly Mongolfiere, explain what it means to be suspended in air, thanks to a gigantic hot-air balloon. “A young man who just got off told me he had already flown in 80 airplanes this year, but that nothing could compare to the emotions he experienced flying in the balloon.” Paolo Oggioni, a hot-air balloon pilot with thousands of flight hours under his belt, has had all different types of passengers. “There are those who don’t speak for an hour after they fly, like they’re hypnotized. Or even those who come with their own private helicopter”.
  • Il Monregalese ha un clima perfetto per volo delle Mongolfiere “The Monregalese has a perfect climate for flying hot-air balloons,” according to Giovanni Aimo. It’s the Italian capital of hot-air ballooning, thanks to its special climate, with beautiful days and air masses that move in a constant and predictable way, it’s perfect for hot-air balloon flying, and for having an Aeroclub with a large group of pilots.”
    Interview with Giovanni Aimo of Mondovì, the dean of Italian hot-air balloon pilots.


Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale

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Here’s how to reach Mondovì’s balloon Aeroclub


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