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A Day at the Seaside

L’azzBlue water and sunny skies are within your grasp: crystal clear water, beaches and a gigantic aquarium. Here are some ideas for A DAY trip at the seaside, DURING YOUR stay in the Monregalese.

“The taste of salt, the taste of sea”. In the Monregalese, the mountains already have that taste of the Mediterranean Sea. Even if you can’t see it, it’s within your grasp. You can easily spend a day at the sea by taking a short drive down to the Ligurian Coast. From Mondovì, you can drive to Savona in less than an hour.

It takes an hour and a half to get to the seaside resorts on the Riviera di Ponente by train.

Below are some ideas of interesting things you can do on your visit. It’s advisable to choose a day during the week to avoid the crowds, traffic jams on the freeway and to have better parking options.


From Mondovì 🚗 1h 4 by car, 🚆1 h 34 by train

Awarded the blue flag, “La Bandiera blu”, for its clean water and well-kept beaches, Spotorno has a good number of free and paying beaches (with additional services). This coastal town ca be reached from the Spotorno-Noli train station. Noli is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, “Borghi più belli d’Italia” and from the cliffs of Capo Noli you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in all of Liguria.

Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure
From Mondovì 🚗 1 h 20 in auto, 🚆1 ora e 52 minuti in treno

Finale is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Liguria, with a wide promenade that leads up to the enchanting old town of Finalborgo: a land of sea, mountains and magical landscapes. It is also an undisputed goal of those passionate about climbing or anyone who just wants to take a little detour to the beach.

From Mondovì 🚗 1h 30 by car, 🚆2 h by train

Albenga, overlooking the Gallinara Island

If you travel further down the coast, you can discover the beaches of Pietra LigureCeriale (here you will find the famous water park, parco acquatico de “Le Caravelle”), Albenga with the beautiful Gallinara Island and, finally, Alassio, one of the most “in vogue” spots along the coast. Alassio has more than 100 bathing beaches, including private facilities, as well as free beaches, some of which are equipped.

The Genova Aquarium

From Mondovì 🚗 1 h e 45 by car, 🚆2 h e 40 by train

Genova has the largest port in Italy and is a city that still lives on the splendor of the former maritime republic. On the outskirts of the old town, the symbol of the true Ligurian tradition, there are 30 km of coastline.  And, of course, Genova has its aquarium, which attracts a large number of visitors each year. This attraction, without a doubt, is not to be missed: with its extraordinary stroll among the dolphins, sharks and hundreds of other species that populate the oceans on this planet. Here you can find the most extensive exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in all of Europe. One highlight is a “touch” basin, where children and adults alike can stroke the animals. For info:


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